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10 tips for travelling by car | Vietnam car rental

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10 tips for travelling by car


Traveling by car is now a trend because you can actively go anywhere you want. If you want to have a journey without any interruption, you need to have a certain number of preparations because traveling by car is not as simple as you think. Here are 10 tips from Eviva Tour Vietnam:

Photo by budgettravel.com

Photo by budgettravel.com

1. GPS Devices

GPS devices allow you to choose the optimal path, saving travel time and fuel costs. Using this device is very simple: just go to Menu -> Navigator, choose start point and destination, the device will calculate the path for your convenience. You will only need to follow the instructions. However, you should remember that sometimes GPS systems do not choose the right path (device often update the road once a year). Therefore, the hand map is still reliable thing you need to bring.

2. Wireless Equipment

According to studies at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium), listening to cell phone while driving increases the risk of accidents by 75 %. So if you do not want to ignore calls or cannot ignore the important thing, you should use wireless devices to not have to drive with one hand. The use of wireless devices (headphones, external speakers) will help you to focus on the road while keeping in touch with friends, family and colleagues. Moreover, this way also helps you not be punished for violating traffic laws in some countries. In different countries, the penalty can be up to several thousand dollars.

3. Carefully check the lighting system of the vehicle

Having a trip by car, you must check the vehicle’s lighting system, because light is one of the features can protect you in dangerous situations. In addition, lighting quality help driver does not feel tired. The optimal solution is to use the Philips X – treme Power lamps, that kind of lamp can help you to see road signs, warning signs more easily.

4. Flashlight and extra batteries

A trip by car is quite complex and difficult to predict how it will be, so you should be well prepared. An important part of the trip will take place in the dark, so the flashlight will be one of the most necessary things. First, it helps you to check the car at night and can help you to repair. Second, flashlight can helps you find things. Third is to for light signaling in difficult situations.

5. Water

Water in the trip is essential. Water will help you a lot of things: avoid stopping to buy water, wash some parts of the car. You should put 5-6 liters of water on the car.

6. Replaced Parts

Request of replacement depend on brand, age and condition of the vehicle. Of course, you do not need to bring a suitcase full of tools and equipment. But you should bring some basic tools and equipment to repair yourself when experiencing the simple breakdown.

7. Blankets

To make the trip more comfortable and warmer, you will need to bring blankets. Blankets are always useful in these cases: driving in the cold night, or when you decide to pause and self-organizing a roadside picnic, blanket can be a desk.

8. Medical Box

Before the journey begins, you must check the medical box on car, check the expiration of medicines and put other drugs. This will help you quickly resolve unexpected situations and avoid unnecessary expenses. Be careful testing some reactions of drugs and bring some anti-allergic drugs.

9. Identification

Driver’s license, vehicle registration, insurance, passports, the short-term papers … it’s all the paperwork that you can be checked during the trip. Pay attention to the expiration date of the paper to avoid the hassle. At the same time, try to bring all papers and leave them in a separate compartment.

10. Address and phone number of technical assistance

If you plan to travel many different areas in the country or overseas, you should prepare a list of services and technical support service. Whether you are preparing a perfect car for long trips, you cannot predict the problem can be occurred.



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